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Long back, when there was no internet, people used to store business details in a diary. It had each and every phone number in town. But as new technologies evolved and the internet was made public, phone directories became extinct. People started storing business details on business listing sites. Free Business Listing Website serves the same function as a phone directory. 

These websites are openly accessible to all users. Today, anyone can quickly and easily find information about a business by visiting a business directory website. According to HubSpot research, 50% of mobile users who searched for a local business visited stores within 24 hours. Therefore, local business listings or directories are essential for local businesses. 

What Is Business Listing and Why Are They Important? 

Business listings are compilations of crucial information about a company, such as its name, address, phone numbers, website URL, and social media handles that make it easier for consumers to find the brand when searching search engines or online directories. These listings give the business’s physical location on maps, provide visibility for local businesses, and help boost their online presence. 

These days, free business listing websites are essential for any business’s success. Earlier, advertising for local businesses was collateral, newspapers, radio, television, etc. These sorts of advertising burn a hole in the pocket with minimum effectiveness. But digital Marketing is more pocket-friendly and shows results instantly as compared to traditional forms of marketing. 

Business listing not only enhances your SEO but also: 

  • Improve your social proof 
  • Help get honest reviews from customers 
  • Build your online credibility 
  • Boost your website traffic and sales 

Types of Business Listing Websites  

There are two types of business listing websites. Every business listing mentioned below serves a unique purpose, caters to particular user requirements, and provides various possibilities in different situations. They are: 

  1. FREE Business Listing 

These platforms allow businesses to create basic listings without any cost. Some popular free business listing sites are Google My Business (or GMB), Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc. 

  1. PAID Business Listing 

These platforms offer enhanced features and greater visibility for businesses willing to pay a fee—for example, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, etc. 

Most companies who list their businesses online use a free business listing model, which lets them post their businesses at no cost but charge for premium features. However, keep in mind that some websites offer free and paid options, allowing companies to choose their level of exposure based on their budget and marketing goal. 

How To Find the Best Free Business Listing Websites? 

There are hundreds and thousands of free businesses listing websites globally. This makes it exceedingly challenging to choose a single location. So, before selecting the best free business listing website, there are a few points to consider. They are: 

1. Check Spam Score

A higher spam score indicates a higher risk of being associated with low-quality websites or practices. Choosing business listing sites with low spam scores is generally recommended to maintain an excellent online reputation. Use online tools like Moz’s Spam Score or Ahrefs’ Spam Checker to evaluate the spam score of the website.

2. Check Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that predicts the overall ranking potential of a website in search engines. Higher domain authority indicates better credibility and visibility on search engines. You can use tools like Moz’s Link Explorer, SEMrush, or Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to check the domain authority of business listing websites.

3. Check the Link Type (Do-Follow or No-Follow?)

Determine whether the business listing website offers do-follow or no-follow links. Do-follow links pass on link equity and can contribute to your website’s search engine rankings, while no-follow links do not provide the same ranking benefits. Ideally, choosing sites that offer do-follow links can positively impact your online visibility. 

Top 20 Business Listing Lists Worldwide with High PA/DA in 2024 

High Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) business listing websites are now modern strategies for businesses to promote their goods and services. One may find just about any company or service on these local business listing list websites. The best part is that when any customer searches for what you provide, your listing will appear on the top result, along with other competitors. 

Below, we have mentioned the Top 20 business listing list with high PA and DA. You can choose them as per your requirement, domain authority, and the kind of business you own.  

S.No  Free Business Listing Site List  DA  PA 
1  https://www.tripadvisor.com/   93  83 
2  https://www.google.com/business/   100  87 
3  https://www.yelp.com/   93  84 
4  https://www.foursquare.com/   93  76 
5  https://www.bbb.org/   91  77 
6  https://www.mapquest.com/   90  76 
7  https://www.angel.co/   87  68 
8  https://www.manta.com/   80  66 
9  http://www.citysearch.com/   74  56 
10  https://www.merchantcircle.com/   73  66 
11  https://www.brownbook.net/  62  62 
12  https://www.yellowbot.com/  56  61 
13  https://www.hotfrog.com/   56  62 
14  https://www.elocal.com/   56  55 
15  http://connect.releasewire.com/   55  45 
16  https://us.enrollbusiness.com/  51  53 
17  http://www.askmap.net/   50  52 
18  https://citysquares.com  46  57 
19  https://www.locanto.com/   46  56 
20  https://www.whodoyou.com  44  52 
21  https://www.localbusinesslisting.org  41  44 


Business listing is the first and most essential step of digital marketing strategy. It should be your priority to get registered on Google Business Profile (GBP) or on these free business listing websites. By using these websites, businesses can expand their online presence and promote their growth in the digital world! 

So, use these websites to connect with a global audience, expand your worldwide reach, and unlock new growth opportunities. If you want to expand your local business worldwide and enhance your SEO, contact us. We will handle all the hassle of generating high-quality business listing backlinks for you!