content marketing tips


Whether you need to run an ad campaign on Facebook or Google or run ads in print media, you must be good at content marketing. Powerful content marketing tips  that compels people to take action is the driving force behind a successful content marketing campaign.

You may wonder how you can be good at content marketing and write content that interests old customers and attracts new customers who may become your regular clients down the line. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

So, without wasting much time, let us talk about the top 6 content marketing tips that can help in better conversions.

1. Know Who Your Ideal Customers Are

Just like you need a solid foundation to build a home, you must know who you are writing for, that is, your ideal customers. Remember, no matter how good and engaging your content is, it will be of no use if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience. At the end of the day, you are not just writing for search engines but an audience you want to make your loyal customers.

Start with creating a buyer persona of your ideal client. This way, you will know what type of content your audience likes, what problems they face, and the solution to those problems. Once you are done with creating a buyer persona, begin writing your copy. The more your content writing is aligned with your customers’ needs, the better the results of your content marketing campaign will be.

2. Use Keywords that Align with Your Customer’s Search Intent

Imagine getting massive traffic on your site, but people are not converting to customers. Will it be useful? The answer is a simple no. To change that, start using keywords your ideal customers search on search engines. It will be even better if you know the intention of searching for those keywords- are they searching to get information, considering making a purchase, or making comparisons.

Use keyword research tools like MOZ, Semrush, or any other tool of your choice to do your keyword search. Once you have a list of keywords, look them up using Google Trends, as it will help you understand whether there is any demand for those keywords. After compiling the final list of keywords, start using them in your content.

3. Come Up with Unique and Catchy Headlines

Headlines play an important role in deciding whether people will read your content or not. To make internet users go through your content, you need to have a headline that catches everyone’s attention. Some writers use the technique of writing controversial headlines. Depending on your niche, they may or may not work in your favor. So, decide your headline wisely.

Let your readers know what’s in it for them if they read your content piece. Do not go for click-bait headlines. Set realistic expectations and build trust with your readers. You can create a compelling headline that makes people click on the read more button by:

  • Going for the numbered list in your title
  • Keeping your headline between 5-9 words
  • Use words like ” exclusive”, “amazing”, “great”, “useful”, etc.

4. Make Your Content Interesting with Relevant Images

People remember the message more clearly if they see it visually rather than in written form. Even our brain processes visual information faster than textual information.

So, spice up your content with relevant images wherever possible. It will increase your content’s chances of getting higher clicks, engagement, and shares on social channels. Moreover, your readers will remember your message for a longer time. Keep in mind to add only those images that go well with your copy and complement what you are trying to say.

5. Testimonials Wherever Possible

Testimonials let your potential customers know that they can trust you. They are written proof that you walk the talk and deliver what you promise. If there are any doubts in the minds of your potential customers, testimonials will help ease those doubts. A positive testimonial can be very useful in the long run, helping you get many customers. You can ask your old customers for testimonials. Most of the time, they will oblige and give you their valuable feedback.

6. Use Persuasive CTAs

You create a great piece of content or a mind-blowing ad copy. But what about the CTA or a call to action? You may assume that your audience knows what to do after they read your content, but that is not the case. Specify what action you want people to take after they read your content. It can be anything- asking the reader to sign up for a free demo, buying a product, subscribing to a channel, etc. Use clear and concise CTAs to tell your visitors what they need to do. Brainstorm CTAs that are persuasive and catch your readers’ attention.

Final Words

Even experienced writers who have been in the business for years sometimes find it challenging to write conversion-oriented content. But with practice, everything becomes easier. Follow these 6 content marketing tips and write ad copy or any type of content. We assure you that your readers will find it engaging. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing!!