Social media post


When it comes to social media, your posting options are almost limitless! However, developing social media post ideas for your business can sometimes be challenging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As individuals get used to the self-quarantine and lockdown-enforced new normal, business owners and social media experts are brainstorming social media post ideas that will help their company thrive during the epidemic.

People rely on social media to stay in touch with their loved ones during COVID-19, which makes it crucial. It serves as their main source of news, entertainment, and other information.

Facebook usage has surged by 70% in Covid-19, according to eMarketer. But hold on, just because individuals are using social media more frequently doesn’t imply your business will benefit. In order to attract users to your social media platform, you should have effective techniques or concepts.

Don’t rack your brain too hard! We have five social media post ideas that you can incorporate into your posting strategy.

1. Keep Your Content Original

For any business using social media, content is king. But, during the lockdown, the king, emperor, and president all rolled into one. So, ensure your content is optimized for SEO and add relevant keywords, hashtags & user names to your posts to gain the traction they deserve. Adding the right keywords can significantly affect how your posts perform.

2. Go Live Once a Week

More people are watching or keen to watch live videos during this pandemic. You can provide relevant advice to your customers, chitchat with them, and answer their questions about your business products or services. This is the perfect time to do this stuff for your customers because they need it.

3. Post Positive Content

Posting encouraging tales or quotes will help individuals feel better during this challenging time of crisis. To reach your audience during this shutdown, you should consider the posts or information appropriate for your business or services on social media. Be a source of a good brand that shares their support rather than concentrating on increasing sales. Your audience needs to know that you are not simply blogging to benefit your company’s profit but also care about them.

4. Put Emphasis on Creativity

Use your imagination to engage your audience with your brand throughout the lockout. Before sharing your social media marketing ideas with your audience, try them out and see what works best. This includes using filters, creating GIFs, and doing anything that sounds realistic for your consumers. Use your imagination as much as you can and let your ideas flow like water.

5. Update Your Business Hours

Last but not least, it is important to inform your followers if you have to change your company during the lockdown. You might not want your client to come to your workspace or business, if you are shut. A social media post should be created and shared on your social media accounts along with an update on your business hours on Google. Include your business hours, working hours, delivery choices, and any unique adjustments in that post.

Bottom Line

Now is the perfect time to use social media during lockdown since everyone is on their phones, yearning for social interaction as the world becomes increasingly alienating. You can produce content and extend your support in various ways using the crucial ideas above. You can also get assistance from a digital marketing agency for your company or brand if you need it with social media strategy or marketing.