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Top 20 Social Bookmarking Site to Boost SEO

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Today just having a website is not enough; the solution lies in attracting visitors and enhancing SEO. While there are numerous strategies to drive traffic to your blog or website, have you considered the effectiveness of utilizing high PR social bookmarking sites? To enhance your online visibility effectively, bookmarking your business on social bookmarking sites is essential. 

In this blog post, we will elucidate the concept of social bookmarking, highlighting its significance in elevating your website’s traffic and talk about 20 social bookmarking sites that can boost SEO of your website. Before we go further, let us briefly go through social bookmarking.     

What is Social Bookmarking?    

Generally, bookmarking is an online practice. It involves saving links for later use or reference. Users can save, organize, share, and manage web pages or resources that they find interesting or valuable.     

In social bookmarking, you visit websites mentioning businesses similar to yours and enlist your business there. It is like a phonebook where you can find the number of different businesses. But instead, on these sites, you can get full information about the business enlisted.  

You can also use keywords and tags while social bookmarking. These keywords and tags are crucial in making your bookmark accessible to a wide audience. When others search for something using similar or identical keywords and tags, they will be directed to your bookmark, facilitating easy access and sharing of information.   

 Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO?   

While the direct impact of social bookmarking on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has diminished over the years, it can still play a role in influencing search engine rankings. Here are several reasons why social bookmarking is considered important in SEO:   

  • Backlinks and Link Building:

Social bookmarking can help get backlinks to your website when you submit URLs to bookmarking sites. Backlinks are crucial for SEO, as search engines view them as a sign of the website’s credibility and authority. However, it’s important to note that not all social bookmarking sites provide do-follow links, meaning that search engines may not pass on link equity. Nevertheless, having a mix of no-follow and do-follow links can still contribute to a natural and diverse link profile.  

  • Increased Visibility and Traffic:

Sharing your content on popular social bookmarking sites can attract the attention of users interested in your niche. This can lead to increased traffic to your website. Higher traffic and engagement metrics can indirectly influence SEO, as search engines often consider user behavior and site popularity as ranking factors.  

  • Indexing and Crawling:

Search engines regularly crawl social bookmarking sites, indexing their content and links. When your website or content is bookmarked and shared, it increases the chances of search engines discovering and indexing your pages faster.  

  • Social Signals:

While the direct impact of social signals on SEO is debated, there is evidence that search engines consider social signals, such as likes, shares, and bookmarks, when determining a page’s relevance and authority. The collective engagement on social bookmarking platforms may contribute to the perceived popularity and importance of your content.  

  • Keyword Exposure:

By using relevant keywords in your social bookmarking submissions, you can increase the exposure of those keywords and potentially improve your website’s relevance for those terms in search engine results.    

  • Brand Building and Reputation:

Active participation in social bookmarking can help build your brand’s online presence and reputation. A positive online reputation can indirectly influence SEO by attracting more organic links, mentions, and quotations.        

Which are the Top Social Bookmarking Sites?   

Top social bookmarking sites are crucial for SEO. In the digital age, users regularly bookmark and share links, tagging them with keywords for future reference. Let’s discuss the names of the top social bookmarking sites one by one:   

  1. Reddit  
  3. Delicious  
  4. Dribble  
  5. Fark  
  6. Slashdot  
  7. Diggo  
  8. We Heart It  
  9. Dzone  
  10. Medium  
  11. Pinterest  
  12. Instapaper  
  13. Bizsugar  
  14. StumbleUpon  
  15. Techdirt  
  16. Tracky  
  17. Meta Filter  
  18. Flipboard  
  19. Mozy Links  
  20. Pocket  

How Do I Get Backlinks from Social Bookmarks?   

Getting backlinks from social bookmarks involves sharing your website or content on social bookmarking platforms, potentially resulting in increased visibility and traffic to your site. Here’s are some steps on how to get backlinks from social bookmarks:  

  • Create High-Quality Content:

Before promoting your content on social bookmarking sites, ensure you have high-quality, valuable content. Informative, engaging, and relevant content is more likely to be shared and bookmarked by users.     

  • Identify Relevant Social Bookmarking Sites:

Choose social bookmarking platforms relevant to your niche or industry. Some popular social bookmarking sites include Reddit, Digg and Delicious. Each platform has its own community and guidelines, so choose those that align with your target audience.    

Create Accounts on Social Bookmarking Sites:

Sign up and create accounts on the selected social bookmarking sites. Complete your profile, and if applicable, include a link to your website in your profile.   

  • Share Your Content:

Start submitting your content to the social bookmarking sites. Ensure that you follow the guidelines of each platform. Create compelling titles, descriptions, and tags to make your submissions more attractive.  

  • Engage with the Community:

Actively participate in the community by commenting on, upvoting, or sharing other users’ content. Building a positive presence within the community can increase the visibility of your submissions.  

  • Promote Naturally:

Avoid spam or overly promotional behavior. You should focus on providing value to the community rather than just self-promotion. If your content is genuinely useful and interesting, other users will likely bookmark and share it.  

  • Utilize Keywords:

Use relevant keywords in your content and descriptions to increase the chances of your content being discovered by users searching for specific topics.  

  • Share Regularly:

Staying consistent is the key. Regularly share new and relevant content on social bookmarking sites to maintain an active presence and increase the likelihood of getting backlinks.  

  • Encourage Social Sharing:

Include social sharing buttons on your website to make it easy for visitors to share your content on social bookmarking sites. The more your content is shared, the more likely it is to attract backlinks.    

  • Monitor Results:

Keep track of the performance of your submissions. Identify which platforms are driving traffic and backlinks then adjust your strategy accordingly.    

Final Words  

Social bookmarking is an effective way to achieve the results you want. We’ve given you a list of top social bookmarking sites to boost your business presence and SEO. To make a strong entry into any industry or drive traffic to your site, use this opportunity.

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