A Step-by-Step Guide to Run a Successful Ad Campaign on Social Media

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Most big businesses and brands believe that Social Media Marketing is an easy undertaking, which is a common mistake. At some point, we all wondered, “How hard can it be when 14-year-old kids go viral on YouTube?”  

However, running social campaigns is more complex than what YouTube celebrities would have us believe. Developing a social media strategy demands a thorough understanding of your target market, products, brand, and competitors. Keeping your brand’s objectives and audience’s needs front and center is critical. 

Moreover, the campaign doesn’t finish once your group clicks “Publish.” Tracking, monitoring, and analyzing campaign results is essential to improve your social media advertising strategy. So, in this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of running a social media campaign that will stand out in the crowd! 

6 Easy Steps to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign 

Social media campaigns are not rocket science but aren’t kid’s play, either! It requires proper timing, a well-constructed plan with fewer chances of error, and paid and unpaid content in an appropriate ratio. So much goes into creating a successful social media advertising campaign that brings results. Let’s see how you can create a winning social media ad campaign. 

Competitor Research

In social media marketing, competitor research is an essential step many marketers overlook, but you don’t want to skip this one. It can reveal what your competition is working on that’s bringing them the results. Then, you may utilize that insightful information to guide and enhance your marketing efforts.  

For instance, analyze the social media activity of your competitors, pay attention to the types of ads they are running, and which ones are getting the maximum reach. You can use this information to create your own social media advertising campaign. Pay attention to their effective campaigns and learn from their errors to improve your strategy. 

Create a Marketing Strategy 

Make a strong Social media strategy before doing anything else. Although strategy can grow complicated, start by simplifying it. 

  • Choose your campaign’s objective first. Do you wish to increase website traffic, create an online community, or support blog promotion? 
  • Select the metrics you’ll watch next. If you want to attract leads to your website, you might keep tabs on the number of users who contact you directly or fill in the forms. 
  • Then, build your messaging and content on the objective in a way that will appeal to your audience. 

Keep the Promotional and Non-Promotional Content Well Balanced 

Effective social media campaigns strike a balance between promotional and non-promotional ads. Due to Facebook’s new algorithm, balance is specifically crucial. People will quit following you on social media if you solely share promotional content. While promoting your goods or services is the main objective of an advertising campaign, bombarding your audience with exclusively promotional ads can be off-putting. 

However, you won’t get the outcomes you aim for if you share non-promotional content on social media. You can share it when you are running ads to create awareness about your brand. Include valuable, enjoyable, or educational advertisements that speak to your audience’s interests. With your followers, this strategy builds a genuine relationship, trust, and credibility. Once people know about your brand and may be interested in buying from you then you can run sales ads. 

Spread One Message in Different Content Formats 

Life is all about variety and the same applies to social media campaigns. Use various ads to spread a single central message to reach a larger audience. While some people choose visually appealing photographs, others prefer written texts or video content. By diversifying your ads, you improve your chances of engaging various subgroups of your target audience. 

For instance, you could use images or video ads to advertise a product. Keep experimenting with different formats while focusing on the ones that perform well to see how your audience reacts to each one. Moreover, running ads in different formats will give you a chance to do A/B testing as well. 

Produce Unique & Trendy Content 

How can content be both trending and unique? This one may sound paradoxical, but it’s a terrific tactic. Look for popular subjects or approaches and add your distinctive spin to them. Don’t create generic ads since you, your company, and your product are unique. 

Publish Ad and Analyze Ad Data 

Once your ad is ready and well-polished, it is time to leverage live interactions’ magic. Publishing or posting your ad on social media is like throwing a virtual event and inviting your audience into the very heart of your company. But your work doesn’t end there. After you have published your ad posts, you need to monitor them and see how the audience interacts with them. This will help you see what type of ad posts are getting the most results. You can use this data to optimize your ad strategy accordingly. 


Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm, and creating social campaigns is a fantastic way to promote your brand and stay updated. So, what are you waiting for? Start your own social media advertising campaign now! 

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