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How To Index Backlinks Faster In 2024?

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In SEO, having quality backlinks is the key element that will help to carry your website to a higher position on the search engine research pages (SERPs). According to Technical Google Search Statistics of 2024 from Backlinko, the highest-ranking webpages on Google SERPs have 3.8x times more indexed backlinks than in positions #1 to #10. This highlights the true potential of building high-quality backlinks. But the story doesn’t end there – It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you earn or produce; they are all useless unless they get crawled or indexed by search engines so that they can prove helpful for your business.

For website owners, nothing is more disheartening than spending countless hours, resources, and money on building backlinks just to discover that they have not been indexed. If the search engine doesn’t index your backlinks, they won’t appear on the search engine pages and will be worthless. Ultimately, you won’t get any benefit from them – all your efforts will be lost! That is why it is crucial to get your backlinks indexed faster.

Understanding The Significance of Backlinks

It is crucial to understand the significance of index backlinks if your goal is to improve your website’s ranking in 2024. Everybody desires to appear on the first page of Google – the digital treasure trove, or perhaps, the Holy Grail any business aspires to be on! Going forward, do you know how to index backlinks faster? Yes, there is a scientific approach to this – which we will explore in this guide. Let’s begin!

What does Index Backlinks Mean In SEO?

It won’t appear in the search results without your website being indexed by search engines. This means it will remain invisible to potential customers and visitors searching online. Google deploys web crawlers or spiders to scour the internet for new web pages and index them in its database to be displayed on SERPs when someone searches for them. Moreover, these web crawlers search websites for backlinks as well.

Google stores and examines these backlinks to decide which websites rank in the top spots in search results. When your website’s backlinks get indexed, Google views them as credible signals, boosting your website’s SEO and improving its placement on SERPs.

9 Effective Ways To Index Backlinks Faster On Google In 2024

There are numerous methods to index backlinks. However, we have only included the ethical ones so that Google doesn’t penalize them. Let’s check them out!

Method #1. Use Google Search Console (GSC)

This is how you can manually index backlinks using Google Search Console.

First, log into your GSC account, go to the left menu, and click the URL Inspection Tool.
Subsequently, first copy the URL link you previously created a backlink for and press ENTER to check
Lastly, press the Request Indexing box.

Thats it! Now, Google will automatically start recrawling the page. This will cause the crawler to crawl and index the backlink for the URL you’re trying to index.

Method #2. Start Using Web 2.0 Websites

For quicker backlink crawling, you can use Web 2.0 websites such as Medium, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and WordPress. These sites will be helpful for you to do fast indexing. Consequently, just write an article with the backlink you’ve created as an anchor text already mentioned and submit it to one of the websites mentioned above.

These websites, which are authoritative and usually crawled by search engines, have a high possibility of getting your backlinks indexed within a period of one or two days.

Method #3. Make Use of Third-Party Tools

I request you not to use this method as third-party applications are not considered safe. It possibly violates Google’s guidelines by continuously tapping the link until that particular site is picked. However, if you tried both of the first two methods and the links are still not working, then:

You can register on Indexmenow.com (Paid Tool)
Paste your link
Just press the GO button, and you’re good to go

Finally, it will automatically shoot a ping to Google bots to crawl that link and index it immediately. This speeds up the indexing process, but you may later encounter negative consequences.

Method #4. Use Pinging Tools To Index

There are different pinging tools that you can get from Google, and these websites offer free pinging services, some of which are Pingler, Ping-O-Matic, and Bulkping.

Nevertheless, you can locate that part of the website and copy the link. Next, hit the Enter key to send Google a reminder.

Method #5. Publish Your Content On Social Media Networks

You may have existing accounts on some of the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Thread, Telegram, etc.

In this case, you can share your link or post it; it’ll signal to Google that this page is essential, and they index it as soon as possible.

Method #6. You Must Generate High-Quality Backlinks for Your Website

If the options above aren’t working for you in backing up your backlinks, try to generate more high-quality backlinks for your site.

Through this, Google gets the impression that you are recognized by prominent market leaders, assuring them that you are never a stranger to your field.

Method #7. Submit Video Sitemap

When you submit a video sitemap, the backlinks will also be indexed.

Nevertheless, it is a powerful technique that allows search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find and index your website’s video content.

Method #8. Use RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are excellent means of spreading your content and assisting search engines in indexing your backlinks quickly. However, sending your RSS feed to some directories may sometimes damage your website, as not all are safe.

Consequently, you must be very selective and wise when choosing directories when submitting your website’s RSS Feed. Immediately after that, if the Google bot crawls that directory, it verifies and indexes your backlinks.

Method #9. Analyze and Lookout for Spammy Backlinks

If, even after that, you cannot index the backlinks, then the bulk of your website must have a poor profile of backlinks, which is why Google does not index the new links.

Thus, we recommend using SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to detect and fix incoming spammy links. This will boost your site’s reputation, which will lead Google to start tracking high-authority backlinks.


Congratulations! Now, you know the powerful techniques to index backlinks more rapidly in 2023 and improve your site’s position in search engines. Remember that backlink indexing is a regular process; regular efforts will lead to good results. Using link indexers, capitalizing on quality backlinks, and incorporating intelligent indexing are ways to win the SEO battle. And that’s it! Fire up those sleeves, start indexing, and watch your site jump the ranks!

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